Depeche Mode


I have noticed lately that there appears to be a resurgence of Daft Punk in American music culture, and although I enjoy how more people appreciate Daft Punk, I feel that it is about time that Depeche Mode had a similar resurgence.  I have no idea how to create this wave of fan fervor, but I want it to occur.  Does Kanye West need to sample Depeche Mode on his next album?  If he decides to I think a sample of “The Sweetest Perfection”, “I Feel You”, “Everything Counts”, “Personal Jesus”, or “Never Let Me Down Again” would be great.  Hopefully, a plug from Kanye won’t be needed, even though it would be much appreciated, and awesome.  Let’s hope that Sounds of the Universe and their subsequent Tour of the Universe can do the trick.

As I am writing this Depeche Mode is playing at my house, thanks LCD Soundsystem, and I couldn’t be happier.  As I look at my computer I see at least 8 complete albums from Depeche Mode going all the way back to 1981 with Speak and Spell.  Depeche Mode for me acted as my first foray in European electronic music.  At the time, they had the perfect combination of the quality lyrics that Americans need and smooth orchestral, electronic beats that Europe produces.  When one is accustomed to Rock, Rap, Pop, and R&B the jump to electronic/dance music can be pretty far.  Depeche Mode was the bridge that I needed to widen my musical horizons, and frankly more people should cross the Depeche Mode bridge.  It was the bridge less traveled and it made all the difference.

As a band Depeche Mode has been around longer than I have been alive, so my appreciation has grown quickly.  My first album was Songs of Faith and Devotion, from there I got Playing the Angel, and next I got Violator.  By that point I was completely hooked, and my collection has grown to almost their entire catalogue.  Apart from the three that I just mentioned all Depeche Mode fans need to have Music for the Masses, and Ultra.

For those of you who are not familiar with the band, this problem can be easily fixed.  On April 23rd they will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Check them out.  They most likely will be playing songs from their new album Sounds of the Universe.  If you like them, then buy the album.  It comes out on April 21st.  

With the blah, that often becomes American pop, rock, and rap music this may be the time to try something new.  You can get the opportunity to find a 28 year old band for the first time, and discover a whole new world of great music.  This way you can be the cool kid, ahead of the curve, who found that hidden gem before the pop star does a cover.  You can be that person.  Trust me Depeche Mode is worth the effort.

Visit their website to learn more.