Hot off the successes of Dead Space, EA reports that Redwood Shores’ next release will be Dante’s Inferno, an original 3rd person action-adventure property based on Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy.  From Redwood producer Jonathan Knight:

“The time is right for the world of interactive entertainment to adapt
this literary masterpiece, and to re-introduce Dante to an audience who,
until now, may have been unfamiliar with the remarkable details of this
great work of art. It’s the perfect opportunity to fuse great gameplay with
great story.”

While the report doesn’t offer up a wealth of specific details, I’m going out on a limb and reporting that the game will feature no fewer than nine boss fights.

UPDATE:  Here’s the trailer.

Unbelievably – or, perhaps completely believably, if you play a lot of games – Inferno‘s Dante will have the ability to skewer demons with crosses.  Whether or not you’ll be able to fire a plamsa caster at Satan’s glowing weak spot for maximum damage remains to be seen.