Survive Style 5+ is not streaming on any services and is only available via physical release.  It’s worth tracking down and owning.

Following five narratives that embrace the best overtones Twilight Zone or Tales from the Crypt could muster, ‘5+’ stands the test of time to compete with anything 2020 has to offer. From the unflinching performance by Ichi the Killer’s Tadanobu Asano to the overt wackiness from the first time former advertisement industry vets helming the film, Survive Style shines the whole way through, demanding your attention with the persistence of a TikTok you can’t look away from. The writer/director team of Gen Sekiguchi/Taku Tada tell tales here that feel new, important, and visually interesting.

This film is recommend as a “Blind Buy.” Don’t watch the trailer, just track down the disc and enjoy.