Being Wesley Snipes doesn’t seem to be getting any easier these days. As Steven Seagal positions himself as the new king of action stars that kill vampires, it now looks as if the Blade franchise might be getting new life– with a new lead.

David Goyer filled Shock Till You Drop in on the latest, as far as he’s heard, regarding New Line’s intentions for Blade and it sounds as if Goyer’s actually thought about returning to the franchise.

“I heard rumors that they may want to start from scratch with a new person playing Blade. It’s funny because I thought about how I never wanted to do a vampire film ever again because I’m sick of it. But I was reading the Tomb of Dracula Omnibus and I hadn’t read them in a long time and I thought it might be cool to do another vampire movie at some point.”

So New Line realizes that the Blade franchise can’t make money if it’s on the shelf and it sounds like they’ve reconsidered that one idea of replacing the adventures of Blade with the adventures of Ryan Reynolds. Whether or not this is good for fans seems to depend on Goyer and the extent of his future involvement. I’m not sure if his recent reading of the Tomb of Dracula means he wants to adapt those books into a new film or trilogy, but it might be cool if that is the case. Blade Trinity was the closest the Blade films ever got to even touching the Tomb of Dracula material. While just throwing a new Blade on the screen for the fuck of it would be a waste of everybody’s time, reinventing one of the only R-rated comic book movie franchises can’t be that bad of an idea.