At the recent Godfather II community day (Hey, the game’s decent! You’ll hear more on it soon) I managed to hear some big news from a very trusted source. He implored me not to say anything about it, but that the official announcement would be hitting the Spike Video Game Awards that Brütal Legend has been picked up by EA and is on its way. A press release hit today and it’s the truth!

If you haven’t heard of Brütal Legend before, it’s destined to be Tim Schafer’s latest masterpiece. Starring Jack Black as the main character Eddie Riggs, the game contains voice acting from metal legends such as Lemmy, Halford and motherfuckin’ Dio.

Brütal Legend tells the tale of Eddie Riggs, played by Jack Black, who is drawn back through time to a mythical world immersed in Rock and Roll folklore; where great Metal titans once ruled and power chords rang from the countryside for all to hear. When an oppressed people request Eddie’s knowledge of modern warfare, he pulls from his own experience in the only occupation he’s ever had, a roadie for a Heavy Metal band. From this springs the most hellacious army man has ever seen, and thus brings this ancient world into the Age of Metal.

Like a lot of other games (Ghostbusters), the game was screwed by the whole Activision merger and it was up in the air that it would ever see the light of day. “This is awesome news!” stated Tim Schafer, President of Double Fine Productions. “The quality and creativity of the games EA Partners has been involved with make it a perfect home for our baby, Brütal Legend. Some people were starting to wonder if the saga of Eddie Riggs would ever see the light of day, but now I think it’s clear that this game, like Metal itself, cannot be killed!”

Can’t say how happy and excited I am that this game is on the way. Expect it to hit in Autumn 2009. Check for the new website, and if you’ve never heard of Tim Schafer- my God, man, get on that. Do it in this order- Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle… and then the Monkey Islands. Thank me later.