I had a feeling this might happen. I just got an email from Summit, and this is what it said:

Summit Entertainment will release writer-director Rian Johnson’s acclaimed romantic adventure THE BROTHERS BLOOM, in select markets on May 15, 2009, and a wide release on May 29, 2009, as announced today.

The movie was supposed to be doing a limited release this month, putting it in Oscar consideration (screenplay at the very least!), but now the film is out of prestige season. It’s an interesting choice; the limited release is a pretty crowded market with Angels & Demons and Bruno vying for the adult ticket. But the wider release comes a week after Terminator Salvation, and the only new film opening that weekend is Up, the new Pixar movie.

I wish the film was coming out sooner simply because I would like for you guys to have a chance to see it as soon as possible. I’ve seen it twice and really dug it both times. But I’m hoping that the marketing people at Summit are making this decision based on some strong rationale. The film is definitely an audience movie, so opening it in the summer isn’t completely nuts… but will it be able to stand out among the flashy May blockbusters that will still be crowding screens?