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According to a report, T.R. Knight, the subject of former cast mate Isaiah Washington’s ill-advised homosexual f-bomb comments, may be looking to leave Grey’s Anatomy.

The Hot Sheet’s Take: To be honest, I don’t blame him.  If you follow Grey’s at all, you know that the last couple of seasons have produced more news about the stupid shit going on both on-set and off rather than the storylines.  First with Washington’s dismissal, then Katherine Heigl’s boneheaded remarks as to the reason she took herself out of last season’s Emmy race (she didn’t feel the writers had given her Izzie good enough material to warrant it), Brooke Smith’s unceremonious dumping (her character was lesbian-in-the-making Dr. Erica Hahn), and now the ridiculous resurrection of fan favorite Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) as a ghost who’s having sex with Izzie.  This show seems to be headed straight down the crapper. 

Leno Makes Jokes About Move to Primetime

Jay Leno’s move from The Tonight Show to his recently-announced new 5-night-a-week 10 PM primetime show next year has been the source of much new material to the late night talk show host.

The Hot Sheet’s Take: Is there anybody who thinks this can possibly last more than a season at best?  Scuttling all of a network’s 10 PM programming to placate a host you’ve forced off the air reaks of desperation and a lack of confidence in your own programming.  I’m a Letterman man over Leno, but I think he should have told NBC to stick it and gotten his own show on another network.  Doubtless that this show will eventually get scaled back to four nights a week, then three, then two…I’m sure you can guess the pattern.

Desperate Housewives Goes for Nine reports that Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry is pushing the idea to extend the show’s planned seven-season run to nine, mostly due to a uptick in the ratings and the creative possibilities unearthed by leap-frogging the show five years this current season.

The Hot Sheet’s Take: A certain Chris Carter government agency show proved that nine seasons as opposed to seven isn’t necessarily a good idea…but this show isn’t that show.  Like it or hate it, DH has been a consistently steady performer for the network its entire run, and now with the slipping of Grey’s Anatomy, the prospect for this show looks to be even more on the upswing.  But if it doesn’t work out, ABC could probably just strip Jimmy Kimmel five nights a week in primetime.

Hugh Jackman to Host the Oscars

The Sexiest Man Alive is now set to be the Sexiest Oscar Host Alive (although) Letterman might dispute that) for the Feb 22nd telecast.

The Hot Sheet’s Take:  Interesting choice.  Jackman can sing and dance, so he could easily hang with Billy Crystal’s opening musical montage riff.  He also got an Emmy as the host of the Tonys in 2005.  I didn’t watch that though because its the Tonys.  If he needs to go to a quick laugh, I’m sure he’ll have Van Helsing clips on standby.

Pellicano Daughters Land TV Reality Gig

The three daughters of convicted wiretapping private detective Anthony Pellicano, Alana, 21, Tori, 18, and Josi, 17, will be filmed trying to keep up their lavish lifestyle while still running their fathers detective agency. 

The Hot Sheet’s Take:  Christ…

Nielsen’s Top 10 Shows of 2008 Revealed

1. American Idol (Tuesday), Fox, 15.5; 2. American Idol (Wednesday), Fox, 15.3; 3. Dancing With the Stars, ABC, 12.3; 4. Dancing With the Stars (Tuesday), ABC, 11.4; 5. The Mentalist, CBS, 10.0; 5. (Tie) Sunday Night Football, NBC, 10.0; 7. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CBS, 8.1; 8. NCIS, CBS, 8.0; 9. 60 Minutes, CBS, 7.6; 9. Survivor: Gabon CBS, 7.6.

The Hot Sheet’s Take:  1.  Sucks.  2.  Ditto.  3.  Hell no.  4.  Concur.  5.  I liked it better when it was called Psych, Angela’s Eyes, Profiler…  5.  Always good, but I still miss the old NFL Primetime 7.  Maybe I should watch this some time.  8.  The first Bellisario show I haven’t been glued to the TV for.  9.  Still great, but they need Lara Logan on every week.  10.  Lost does it better.

Hannity and Nobody

Hannity and Colmes will remain just Hannity after Allan Colmes departs the show, because producers failed to find a liberal co-host to replace him.

The Hot Sheet’s Take:  Who actually considers this a loss?  I don’t agree with damn near anything Sean Hannity has to say, but Allan Colmes was such a non-entity on that show, and certainly not Hannity’s equal in terms of presence or defending a position.  I could watch that show and often think Hannity’s a jackass, but I almost always thought that Colmes was even worse because he was completely overmatched.  Nevertheless, at least I respect Hannity enough to give a damn and listen to what he has to say.  With Colmes, I thought he had already left..