Just a quick nod to the boys over at Scifi.com who have posted some images and the one sheet for the upcoming Alex Proyas / Nicolas Cage thriller, Knowing.  While Russ may not be a fan of Proyas’ Dark City, I myself am and he and I share the hope that Proyas’ films do well.  This could end up being just another boilerplate thriller that ultimately isn’t and that tries to coast on the big name star attached.  Nevertheless, I admit the premise does intrigue me.  Nicolas Cage plays a Prof. John Koestler, who’s son, Caleb, finds a cryptic letter from a girl in a 1958 time capsule with a series of numbers that may or may not have accurately predicted the dates of every major tragedy over the last fifty years.  With three major tragedies still pending, including a possible global cataclysm, Koestler has to try to figure outwhat the numbers mean ASAP.

As intriguing as the premise may be, the one sheet looks like an unfinished reject of the War of the Worlds remake, while the images sans plane wrecking / wreckage come off like publicity images for National Treasure 3.  More images are below, and you can click the onesheet for the complete set at Scifi.com.