Back in May Devin gushed like a baking soda volcano over the news that Mark Ruffalo has been cast alongside Amy Adams in Noah Baumbach’s next film, Greenburg. I doubt he’ll muster the same emotion over Ruffalo’s departure from that project, nor for the fact that he’s been replaced by Ben Stiller. Since good dramatic turns by Stiller are more rare these days than Chinese monkey-faced pigs, I’m going to hope for the best. Baumbach might get Stiller to shit gold. 

Amy Adams is also out, and the reason for both departures is being kept as low-key as the film’s summary. There’s no logline available, no plot — Baumbach is keeping his ideas close to the vest. Which leads to the supposition that this will be his third contentious family drama in a row.

But long before this hits you should have a chance to see Baumbach’s name on screen as co-writer for Wes Anderson’s animated The Fantastic Mr. Fox.