It’s the holidays and we’re feeling it even here in the Sewer. This year we’re taking stock of the many gifts we’ve gotten from the movies over the years and celebrating them in the form of a Christmas carol. In our own special way.

While the traditional 12 Days of Christmas counts up from one, we think it’s more fun to count down between now and the big day (and yeah, we built in some slack for ourselves). So sit back and get ready for some great moments from some great CHUD favorites, and some possible holiday gift ideas while we’re at it.

On the twelfth day til Christmas my true CHUD sent to me…

12 hot dogs gobbled

When the Ghostbusters’ containment unit fails, the many spooks they’ve captured wreak havoc in the streets of New York City, all set to the bizarrely unforgettable Magic by Mick Smiley. Horrible apparitions swoop out of the subway and zombies commandeer taxi cabs, but the really memorable moment is Slimer coming out of the hot dog cart with a dozen franks in his mouth.

He got neutered in the cartoons, but the cinematic Slimer earns his eternal fame in just a quick couple of scenes. Supposedly Dan Aykroyd refered to him as ‘The Ghost of John Belushi,’ but he didn’t actually have a name in the script. Effects technicians called him Onionhead, apparently because of the smell he gave off (which he demonstrates in a deleted scene on the Ghostbusters DVD when he disrupts a couple’s honeymoon). Ivan Reitman voiced him in the first movie, while Frank Welker provided his voice in the Real Ghostbusters cartoon.

It’s possible that Slimer’s greatest contribution to the world will always be Hi-C’s Ecto-Cooler. Slimer left the packaging in 1997, but the flavor continued under different names until 2007. RIP, Ecto-Cooler.

You probably have Ghostbusters on DVD, right? If not, get on it! This is one of the films that every movie nerd should have in his or her library. Click here to order it through CHUD. You can get the first and second movies in a set super cheap.

Looking for a gift for the huge Ghostbusters fan in your life? You can get them a bizarre dancing Slimer toy from NECA. The figure dances to – you guessed it – Ray Parker Jr’s Ghostbusters theme. Bustin’ makes me feel good, and so does ordering this toy through CHUD.