After the exclusive PS3 Bioshock DLC coup, it looks like PS3 owners can go back to feeling sad and left out.

IGN brings word of Bethesda’s upcoming Fallout 3 DLC, including the “Operation Anchorage” invasion scenario, new content set in Pittsburgh, and an enigmatic scenario entitled “Broken Steel.”

While details are still scant, we know the following:

- The Operation Anchorage DLC will be a simulation-within-a-simulation, allowing the player to experience a virtual recreation of the American invasion of Anchorage. It will open up new weapons in the main game, as well as the new “Covert Ops” perk.  It will take between 4-5 hours to complete.

- The Pitt will take the player to a mostly intact but mutant-infested Pittsburgh.

- Broken Steel will increase the level cap, and will include new enemies and monsters.

They’re only being released for the 360 and the PC, at least for now.

Operation Anchorage sounds a little like the “Tranquility Lane” Fallout 3 main quest mission, and might be a creative way to bring present-day warfare to the Fallout universe.  Since the Anchorage Invasion was referenced at various points during the game, it’s obvious that Bethesda has had this one up their sleeve for a while.  The new level cap is really great news, since playing past level 20 felt almost like a chore – refining your character with perks and stats was easily Fallout’s most successful reward system.

A final, very spoilery detail:

It appears that the main character will be returning for the Broken Steel content, which will open up unfinished sidequests in the DC Wasteland.