While Wesley Snipes’ tenure as Blade managed to remain a theatrical attraction, I think we can all agree that the series had become taxing on all of us. Outside of Carl Weathers, I can’t think of a washed up action star that I’d rather see battle vampires in a straight-to-DVD film than Steven Seagal. So while the wait continues for Action Jackson 2, my second choice is coming to fruition courtesy of Sony’s upcoming horror actioner Against the Dark.

According to Shock Till You Drop, Against the Dark stars Steven Seagal as Tao, a katana master in charge of a special ops squad of ex-military vampire hunters fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic world (inspired by true events).

It is pretty fucking sweet that all I’ve seen from the film is the cover art and I’m confident that we’re about to get some of his strongest acting and wittiest one-liners to date. If only we could go beyond the image on the box and hear the one-liner that he’s clearly got on his mind. There is one thing that kind of bothered me about the cover art though. I really think the movie should have been called Steven Seagal Against the Dark with Seagal playing himself and fighting vampires while doing the whatever it is Steven Seagal does on a daily basis. You know, say he’s going to the dry clearner’s like he does every Saturday, but he gets attacked by vampires. Now that’s a movie!