I know there’s a contingent of you desperate to have the role of Mary Jane Watson recast in the Spider-Man movies. You clicked on this article expecting to hear that Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend was getting the part.

Sorry. The truth is much weirder. She’s going to be playing Mary Jane in the Spider-Man Broadway musical.

I’m half excited about this musical. Julie Taymor is directing, which is a big plus. I like Evan Rachel Wood plenty. I like that it’s going to be one of the most expensive musicals ever (supposedly so expensive it will be nigh upon impossible for it to turn a profit!), since musicals cost so much to see that I like a little bang for my buck*. But it has music by Bono and the Edge, two of my most hated beings in the universe. And probably the two guys I would assume would get Spider-Man the least. Also, their music sucks ass.

Anyway, Wood confirmed to IESB that she will be Mary Jane, and she tells the site that producers are trying to convince Across the Universe‘s (and Julia from the New Bev’s eventual husband) Jim Sturgess to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man. She says rehearsals start early next year. Get your plane 2010 flights to New York now!

* this is part of me being a Broadway heathen. This surely pisses off true Broadway nerds the way I get pissed off when someone says they only see movies with lots of explosions. I cop to this hypocrisy, but I paid 60 bucks for a BAD seat at a matinee of Spamalot long after the original cast left, so I’m thinking with my wallet.