I would like to make lots of fun of the international teaser for Dragonball Evolution (it’s not just you – the name is new), but it doesn’t look any worse than 90% of the rest of the garbage shoveled out by major studios these days. The only difference is that most studios would simply squat and pop this guy out and go about their business, but Fox seems to be taking it somewhat seriously.

What’s depressing is knowing that in ten years you’ll see new kids starting up movie websites who point to Dragonball Evolution as a film that really blew them away when they were impressionable. One of my more retarded competitors recently said that he was most influenced by Home Alone and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – I’m trying to imagine a wave of movie writers stupider and with worse taste than this kid.

Anyway, the trailer promises plenty of fighting, which actually surprises me. I kind of thought this movie would be too cheap for any action. So at least it won’t be boring in a talky way, just in a bad action way.

God I’m dreading seeing this. Is it wrong that I hope Fox chooses not to screen it for critics?

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