Yesterday MTV debuted two images from the upcoming Watchmen cell phone game. Fucking really? OK, we knew this was coming, and this is probably a very fair warning that we’re going to see the sort of Watchmen merchandising that’ll make Alan Moore’s skin crawl off to suffocate Dave Gibbons in his sleep.

All that said, OK, I also kinda like the little pixellated Dr. Manhattan, and when screens show up of the little cell phone Rorschach I’ll probably use one for my stupid Twitter icon or something. For a few seconds, at least, I’ll probably also get a kick out of a Streets of Rage-style game featuring these characters.

The game, by Glu Mobile, will be available for all mobile carriers in March of ’09. And yeah, I know this isn’t a 16-bit game (in all liklihood, anyway) but it looks close enough for a passing mention like this.