Shock Til You Drop has scored the first look at Jason Voorhees in his classic sack look from the rebootmake of Friday the 13th. It looks pretty sweet. Click here to get a big, close, good look at the picture.

If you’re not a F13 fan, you might not realize that Jason didn’t get his iconic hockey mask until the third installment (he’s not even alive in the first one, for that matter). In Friday the 13th Part 2 Jason runs around in a very Elephant Man-esque sack, a look that I always felt was silly rather than creepy.

But this new sack (which does get replaced by the hockey mask later in the film) has a much more sinister look. It actually sort of reminds me of the facial bandages from Time Crimes, which is probably the creepiest ‘monster’ design in recent memory.

I still have a set visit report from Friday the 13th to bring you – look for it this week!

And here’s the original sack, for comparative purposes: