So it turns out that Microsoft execs love playing skyscraper hopscotch just as much as everyone else.

In last week’s Major Nelson, 2007’s ostensibly underrated* sci-fi sandbox gem Crackdown received a dollop of podcast love from Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s director of programming:

“I’m here to tell you on behalf of the community, I want – we need – another Crackdown…  That’s all I’m going to say, so you don’t have to confirm or deny anything.  I’m just saying we want it.”

Microsoft Game Studios head Phil Spencer added: “Yes, Crackdown’s one of my favorites.  I’ll leave it at that.”

While obviously far from an official announcement, it’s an optimistic uptick after what seemed like a perpetual silence regarding a possible Crackdown sequel.  After last year’s ominous “No Crackdown 2 Planned” announcement, it looks like fans of the game can breathe a quick sigh of relief. 

In addition to leaping from rooftops and scaling skyscrapers, Crackdown also featured the ability to kick dump trucks very long distances.  Here’s hoping that the inevitable sequel retains what worked so well from the original, and doesn’t include a tiresome friend system where you can arrange bowling dates in the Agency rumpus room.

*It didn’t get as much hype as GTA IV, and some of the sales numbers might have been a result of the Halo 3 beta, but Crackdown sold 1.5 million copies.  I think we can drop the ‘underrated’ label and officially move Crackdown into the ‘success’ category.