Film Weekend Per Screen Grand Total
1 Four Christmases $18,180,000 (-41.5%) $5,451 $70,843,000
2 Twilight $13,197,000 (-49.9%) $3,646 $138,552,000
3 Bolt $9,696,000 (-63.5%) $2,758 $79,281,000
4 Australia $7,000,000 (-52.7%) $2,573  $30,869,000
5 Quantum of Solace $6,600,000 (-65.0%) $1,928 $151,468,000
6 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa $5,100,000 (-64.1%) $1,538 $165,675,000
7 Transporter 3 $4,500,000 (-62.7%) $1,714 $25,381,000
8 Punisher: War Zone $4,000,000 $1,595 $4,000,000
9 Cadillac Records $3,500,000 $5,102 $3,500,000
10 Role Models  $2,622,000 (-50.4%) $1,375 $61,665,000

 This just in: Bad puns revolving around The Punisher’s gross.

No matter the late-stage internet enthusiasms (enthusiasms), The Punisher was not only competing action-wise against James Bond, it was also competing against Lionsgate’s own Transporter sequel. And while people generally liked the first two Transporter films, no one really likes the first two Punisher movies (‘cept maybe ironically). And so Punisher: War Zone was unable to do much but crack the top ten list, even with no new films in competition, and the promise of a gory good time.

Instead the top ten list is almost a repeat from last week, you could say it’s like one of those flashback episodes of a sitcom from the 80’s where the cast film wraparound segments to previously recorded material. Sure, Cadillac Records also crossed into the top ten on a limited screen engagement, but it’s not exciting anyone, so it’s also a blip. Then again, next week is also weak. I would have never pegged Four Christmases for being a $120+ earner, but that’s what happens when there’s no one else around.

But 4Xmases looks to be a super strong performer, and will likely play until the holiday it celebrates. Twilight will comfortably make four times its listed production budget. Bolt will make it into the nine digit club, which ain’t what it used to be. And Australia will still be a black mark on the books at Fox. With The Day the Earth Stood Still sucking, that Marley and Me looks to play is likely the only silver lining in one of the shittiest years in Fox history since Cleopatra shat the bed all those decades ago (note: it actually made a profit, so they figure these things out). I would say that Tom Rothman’s position is looking sketchy, but if Marley doesn’t click, then the odds are greater than ever the door will be shown. But doing things that make sense is antithetical to Hollywood, so go figure.  

We’re in a recession, things are looking troubled, and the box office also reflects that. 2008 will likely end more with a whimper than a bang, and things are going to be tough all over. On the bright side? Bride Wars comes out in a month.