I watched Monster vs. Aliens this past weekend and pretty much loved it.  This made me start thinking about the new 3D trend and if it will last.  My opinion is pretty much that it will stay like it is and never really break out.  Now James Cameron’s Avatar may end up breaking it through.  But until then I can’t believe that 3D will really be anything other than a gimmick for horror films and a great way to enjoy the new CG Cartoons that Dreamworks and Pixar put out.  I mean could you really see yourself going to see a 3D drama or comedy?  Not really.  I thought that maybe porn could do something with this 3D craze but after watching 4 volumes of 42nd Street Forever I learned that 3D porn is not a new idea.  But I think the biggest thing holding 3D back is that you can’t experience it at home.  I was thinking about it and sure when 3D first came out you couldn’t enjoy it at home either but with media now a days everything has to be portable, accessible, and available.  If you could enjoy the new 3D at home I think it would sell like crazy.  Especially if the porn industry started using it.  If porn leads the rest follow. 

Really if you could watch A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS on your home widescreen HDTV in 3D then I guarentee that everyone would be clamoring to get in on the 3D craze.  But without that it is relegated to whatever new CG cartoon comes out or if a horror film wants to try and get some more people in seats due to the gimmick.  I mean who doesn’t want to see a head explode . . . IN 3D!  If they find a way for you to enjoy it in your home without the headache that the blue and red glasses give you then I say that the 3D market will soar.  And even old movies would be retro fitted.  We’ve seen it with A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS and the upcoming rerelease of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 but imagine if the old rumors of the Star Wars films being redone in 3D?  You could be ducking out of the way trying not to be hit with a lightsaber.  Or maybe see John Travolta  and Sam Jackson shoot right at you in the revamped Pulp Fiction.  I would love to see it take off but I imagine soon that the sparkle will wear off and we’ll get tired of paying extra for the glasses.  Until then I say bring it on.