The image above, brought to you by Shock Til You Drop, is from Dead Snow, a film playing at Sundance this year. This Norwegian film about a group of kids in the mountains who stumble across Nazi zombies looks good, but I’m immediately put off by the fact that this is a horror comedy, and that it’s so reflexively self-aware. The last time I remember seeing Nazi zombies was 1977’s Shock Waves (truly a forgotten gem), and I’d kind of rather see Third Reich Undead being the center of a serious movie, not one where a kid is wearing a Braindead t-shirt. I have to admit that I’m biased against European geek comedies – they always come off as sadly derivative of American films. One of the worst movies I have ever seen, the Icelandic Astropia, is guilty of this.

But while Dead Snow does look to be too silly and derivative for my taste (check out the Shaun of the Dead by way of Evil Dead riff in the trailer here), I like the look of those zombies. And I like how fast they move, despite being dead AND frozen. I’ll be checking this one out at Sundance for sure.

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