Dear Listeners,

Sorry about the long wait. We recorded in November for a few hours and the results wound up in my recycle bin faster than you can say “Billy Crack Crudup and I Don’t Care”. If you’re a listener of the show you know how low our standards are in terms of what we’re willing to keep in the show, which should indicate just how dire the session was.

How dire?

It was our Van Halen III. Our ReLoad. Our every Blink-182 album.

But we have rebounded, and though the results aren’t exactly career resurgence material, we are on the road to recovery. How do we follow up on a two hour and forty minute podcast? With a two hour and thirty-five minute one. Longer than nearly every movie you love’s running time. Think about that in the grand scheme. All the work and talent that went into say… Fight Club, and we’re longer and demand more of your time.


Subject covered: Twilight. Punisher: War Zone. The Star Trek trailer. Wings Hauser offspring. James Bond. More of the same exact shit we always talk about.

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