What could it take for you to be excited about a new zombie comedy? How about a new(ish) gimmick?

From the director of Kill Buljo: The Movie (a Kill Bill spoof I have yet to see but which looks batshit insane) comes Dead Snow, a tale of frozen Nazi zombies doing what they do best- eradicating Jews! Uh, I mean, killing twentysomethings in a skii lodge! The film’s an official selection of next year’s Sundance, a fitting place for the snow-laden film.

There’s a new trailer that just hit the net in anticipation of its selection, and despite being completely in Norweigian it’s completely obvious what’s happening, and actually looks like a helluva good time… something I’m very hesitant to say about a zombie film nowadays. Cause how predictable will the story be?

Check it out for yourselves!

Check Dagbladet for a bigger version or if the link above isn’t working! Thanks to Dave for the heads up.