Greetings, loyal listeners! Travis here. Still not actually Ryan Covey. Still waiting on a fix for the technical crap going on here.

If you’ve been keeping up with the show, you’ll know that we’re looking for a new home on the web. CHUD is growing increasingly unstable. That’s why I have to post this from Ryan Covey’s account (which he graciously allowed because he’s a rad dude). We may move the podcast to a website of its own, but we are seeking a new home either with an existing podcast network or another pop culture site. Any suggestions are welcome, so please let us know what you think!

In better news, Drew and I are talking about Highlander today!


The statute of limitations has expired on Highlander spoilers.


The Rock on the Criterion Collection

Swiss Army Man on iTunes

Nick Nunziata on A Town Called Panic

The Harry Potter Collection on Amazon

Next week’s episode will focus on Deep Rising!

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