In a perfect world, Yes Man wouldn’t be the next big Jim Carrey movie. That honor would go to I Love You Phillip Morris. Now, I haven’t seen the film yet – it’s playing Sundance, out of competition – but I have read the script and I loved it. The story of Steven Russell – late blooming homosexual and con man – and Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor) is sweet and weird and funny. What’s even better is that it’s true. And Russell, as written in the script I read, is a perfect Jim Carrey character. It’s the kind of role that can rekindle your belief in the actor.

As of now the film has no distributor (that should change after Park City), so there hasn’t been a lot of publicity for it. There’s a foreign trailer that just hit the web that’s the first footage I’ve seen of the movie. The trailer pretty much covers the entire first act and much of the second, but at least it doesn’t spoil the whole thing. Click here to watch it.