Is you is or is you ain’t my Superman Returns sequel director, Bryan Singer?

The first salvo in Singer trying to tapdance around that question has hit, and it’s from UGO. Singer is going to be promoting Valkyrie for the next couple of weeks and urrbody gonna be asking him if he’s coming back for another Superman film. Here’s the graceful pas de deux he had with UGO’s Jordan Hoffman:

JH:  Tell me something about Superman and you and your relationship together.

BS:  I love Superman and I can not tell you anything else.  I, uh……

JH:  Would you like to tell me something else?  But you simply can’t?

BS:  I can’t, I….no-no I wish I could!  Yeah!  I wish I could, but there’s nothing I have to tell.  I’ve got a world tour (laughs) press tour on Valkyrie, a premiere in New York, uh –

JH:  But there is talk of a new film, though.  Are you officially involved in this talk of the new film?

BS:  I am not officially involved in the talk, no.

JH:  But when talk happens they’ll call you.

BS:  Well it’s, you know, I have relationships with Warner Brothers and
with the character and, and, and, and it’s just the way things work

JH:  But you are not divorced from Superman at this point.

BS:  No.

This isn’t idle talk. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes at Warner Bros in regards to a new Superman film. Some of the stuff that’s been getting around town is… interesting, to say the least. I’m curious to see who breaks this one first.

But more importantly, the studio has not given up on the Man of Steel. And the fact that they’re making major decisions about the franchise but that Bryan Singer can’t quite explicate his connection to it all… well, it ain’t looking great.