Is there a cineaste in the world whose heart doesn’t start palpitating when they hear that Nic Cage is working with Dominic Sena? Surely these titans of quality filmmaking, these most selective of artists, will bring a kind of filmic fury unseen on American screens since John Ford and John Wayne were a team.

These two mavericks of avant filmmaking have gotten together to tell a story set in the Crusades, and once again Cage’s wigmaking team has come through. This time he has a flowing white mane… wait, that’s the horse. This time he has flowing locks like a Gondorian prince. Oh you’re so dreamy, Nic!

That’s the first picture from the film, which is called Season of the Witch. They totally missed out on the chance to call it Coven. Anyway, USA Today has the full sized version of this film, which nobody is going to care about when it is released. It’s kind of interesting watching Cage shit away first his integrity as an actor and now his box office clout, and to see filmmakers continue to cast him in roles that he has no place auditioning for, let alone getting.