I am in love with the new trailer for Friday the 13th. It gets everything right. Everything. Including the voice of Jason’s mom – am I nuts or is that Betsy Palmer herself?

What does this trailer get right? Well, Jason looks incredibly bad ass. The brief shot of Jason in the sack is actually scary, as opposed to silly in the original Part 2. The teen scenes work. If you wondered if Marcus Nispel would make a Friday the 13th movie that looked like his Texas Chainsaw remake… worry no more. Those teen scenes look like they came from a shitty American Pie rip-off – the kind where you wish Jason Voorhees would show up and wreak some havoc.

And it ends with a body count gag that’s taken from the original trailer for the original film. I like that kind of homage – for a series as shitty as it is (and that comes from a huge fan who has the poster for Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan on his bedroom wall), it’s nice to see Friday getting treated with some reverence and respect.

I’m insanely excited to see this movie. I hope you are too.

Click here to see the trailer.