Don’t watch THIS TRAILER (thanks Latino Review for the link). It literally ruins all but two of the best moments in Punisher: War Zone, and while I liked the movie, it is very similar to Rambo in that it loses much of its value when viewed having already seen the majority of the superb and plentiful grievous bodily harm.

Devin and Russ loved it. I didn’t, feeling it was a very good very bad movie and have it as a 6.5 in my mind. Still, there’s no denying how fun the carnage is as well as seeing Dominic West ham it up so hard I swore I saw James Cromwell befriending him.

But don’t see this footage until AFTER you’ve seen the movie. The trailer features a blurb from Devin, which is screen grabbed above… but I cannot tell you how much better off you’ll be if these kills meet your eyes on the big screen for the first time.

And you should see the film this weekend. It needs the support and I think we’ll all agree that the world needs more completely violent guilty pleasures like this.

Also, Ray Stevenson needs to play Jack Reacher in the Lee Child films. End of story.

Bookmark this page and visit it Monday after you’ve helped make this film open higher than the other bullshit out there.