According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal and Strike Entertainment are working on a remake of John Carpenter’s seminal 80s flick, They Live.

They don’t even have a writer yet but Strike’s Marc Abraham and Eric Newman are producing, with Carpenter and Shep Gordon (who owns the rights to the film) executive producing.

While the film was very much rooted in its time, critical of Reaganism and worried about what the future held, it seems like the kind of story that could easily be updated for today. But how could they ever hope to top that Rowdy Roddy Piper/Keith David fight?

Strike has made a few decent films in its time (Children of Men, the Dawn of the Dead remake) so at least it ain’t fucking Platinum Dunes. Strike’s also got a remake of The Thing on the way, which really pains me to type.

It’s times like this that we should just sigh, shrug our shoulders and hope for the best.

(Note- Devin already told you about this a few hours ago. That’s what I get for waking up at 5 and writing an article right away.)