I have been having a sort of review block the last couple of weeks. I’ve been unable to craft reviews beyond the first paragraph unless I’m soaring on sheer adrenaline (like the Punisher: War Zone review). One of the biggest casualties of this has been my review of the massive Che roadshow that played at the AFI Fest in LA last month. Sitting through the two films together was quite an experience – good and bad – and getting that experience digested and written about has proved elusive.

Soderbergh did not hit it out the park here, but I don’t know if he was trying to do that. He has made one of the most unusual, idiosyncratic biopics of all time, one that is sure to frustrate pretty much every viewer who is looking to have a vision of who Che Guevera was confirmed. Or any viewer looking for a vision of Che Guevera at all, really.

Soderbergh directed the two films as two different films, and they feel different in style and theme in most ways, but they always work pretty amazingly as complements, which is why it’s so cool that distributor IFC is going to be putting them out together as a roadshow with intermission in select markets. The image above is from the poster for this special, limited roadshow engagement. I do believe you need to be in New York or LA to experience the film this way, and if you are, you should.

You can click through to AICN to see the entire poster.