As I sat doing my taxes this past week, I could not count the number of times I typed in 58,008 on my calculator so that I can look at boobs.  I finally sent out my taxes and now am itching to find boobage wherever I can.

So today in chesticle news:

Stuffed Bra Saves Life: A woman in Brazil had some dough stuffed in her bra and got shot.  The money saved her life and her rack, which I assume is below average if there was room for that much cash.

Nummy Num Num: The Chinese are selling bottles of milk shaped like breasts.  As someone who has accepted his disturbing mommy issues, these are brilliant and awesome and I’ll never look at a lactating woman the same way again. 

Volleyball Boobs!: CHUD presents a look at the trailer for Oppai Bare (which in Japanese means “Breasts Volleyball”).  Really, I couldn’t care less about the plot or characters or acting, as long as they deliver what the title promises.  From the look of the trailer, they will fail miserably.

Women’s breasts are a terrible thing to waste.  Ladies, search for lumps.  Men, help your ladies search for lumps, whether they ask you to or not.