Is it possible to get an entire day’s worth of content solely from last night’s LA premiere of Punisher: War Zone? I’ll try!

The latest news to come from the premiere deals with Punisher Ray Stevenson’s Rome co-star, Kevin McKidd. IGN’s Jim ‘Stax’ Vejvoda cornered the actor after the screening (where he was supporting his buddy) and beat some Thor details out of the guy. McKidd says that he’s in talks right now, and that the role he’s up for is definitely Thor, not Loki, as he hinted at earlier in the year.

McKidd also confirms that Kenneth Branagh is directing the film; I imagine it’s Branagh at all of his latest meetings. There’s lots of ‘back and forth,’ McKidd says, so who knows when anything official comes out of this at all.

Thor still feels like a weird idea. Every time I think of a Thor movie, I feel like I’m remembering something from a dream, not something from reality. But Marvel has earned my respect this year – even their worst film, The Incredible Hulk, was pretty okay. And they have such a ballsy concept for this movie, making it more Lord of the Rings than The Dark Knight, that I have to support it wholly.