You knew this was true, even if you hadn’t read it in so many words: the George Miller Justice League film isn’t happening now, or ever. Dark Horizons reports that on an Australian talk show Miller confirmed that he’s no longer involved with the JL film in any capacity.

EDIT: Or, that was the case a few hours ago. The story URL I opened before running off to see Doubt (after which I’m totally ready to see Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep in a supervillan face-off) now points to a story about Thanksgiving box office. Shot a question to Garth about his story, and I’ll update per his answer.

EDIT 2: George Miller’s people claim the TV appearance didn’t happen, while observers say that it did happen. If anyone caught this first-hand, drop me a line. Or, even better, provide a YouTube or similar link.

Regardless, that doesn’t mean a version of the film won’t happen eventually. DC wants it. Warner Brothers wants it. I wish Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis wanted it. If we could go back in time about twenty years and see a fun, colorful thing like the stories they did with Batman punching Guy Gardner and the Booster Gold/Blue Beatle comedy team, I’d be pretty happy. Or I think I would; I’m relying on distant memory here. Maybe those stories actually sucked.