If you’ve been breathlessly waiting for Devin’s reaction to Punisher: War Zone, you need to be with us on Twitter — he’s already chipped in with “Holy shit, I loved Punisher,” which was echoed shortly after by some love from Shock ‘Till You Drop’s Ryan Rotten.

So that’s two more guys that might be excited to know that the new Punisher, Ray Stevenson, has been added to the cast of Book of Eli. The Hughes Brothers will direct Stevenson alongside Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman and the recently-added Mila Kunis in the post-apocalyptic tale of a guy (Washinton) traveling cross-country with a book that could save humanity. Stevenson will be the dude sent to kill Denzel, and it’s sounding as if, after this weekend, that’s a role he’ll be able to get audiences to buy in his sleep. 

Book of Eli goes in front of cameras in February; I can’t be the only one with a wild curiosity about what the Brothers return to dramatic film is going to look like. Doubt Stevenson will have the same body count in this one, though.