Some sites will run any old rumor that comes through their email box, but Ryan Rotten at Shock Til You Drop is a guy with standards. So when he says that a trusted source has told him something, I listen. Even when what that trusted source says bums me out.

According to Ryan’s source, Rob Zombie will be returning to direct Halloween 2. The film was going to be helmed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (the directors of the brutal Inside), but they recently walked away. Halloween 2 is supposed to start shooting in March, and I thought it was a direct to DVD sequel, although it seems unlikely that Zombie would return for a DTV film.

Could it be that the endlessly financially troubled Weinsteins have begged Rob to come back and have decided to reap some box office cash by throwing this one out in theaters? Zombie was supposed to be directing Tyrannosaurus Rex next, and he supposedly has another album brewing. What’s the true story here?

Ryan is out doing journalism right this second. Keep an eye here for updates as he learns the deetz.