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It’s getting harder and harder to do these recaps. Not only is my personal and professional life in something of a tizzy right now, but I’m just finding it hard to comment a whole bunch on these episodes from week to week. It’s not that the show is bad but it’s lost any real momentum. There’s still fun to be had but I’m kind of slogging through to get to the finale at this point.

This isn’t helped by having a de-powered Barry for what looks to be a few episodes. I actually liked the entire meta-human plot this week, and seeing Barry continue to be a hero even though he’s lost his speed is good, but it all feels like it’s in service of nothing grander. Thankfully, Wells and Jesse work like gangbusters this week and provide the episode with its emotional core. I’ve said that I’ll stick to this show as long as the characters and the acting stays on point, and that’s definitely handled well with Wells and Jesse this week.

I’ve also really grown to love Wally, and his plot this week about wanting to thank the Flash for saving his life hit home. Here’s hoping he’s a certified member of Team Flash by the season’s end.

As far as the Zoom stuff this week, I think I’ve made it pretty clear how invested I am in this plot. I’m staying in just for the reveal of the man in the iron mask (gotta be another/”the real” Jay, right?). It sucks because I really dig Teddy Sears’s villainous acting and what we’ve learned of Zoom is definitely interesting, but it all feels too little too late. Unless these back four episodes are chock-full of some good Zoom antics, I just want the series to move on to bigger and crazier things. Season two has a lot to live up to when it comes to landing the finale, so I’m holding out to see what the show has planned.

It was an okay episode this week. Good meta, good character stuff, but everything else just feels like its in a holding pattern. Let’s up the stakes and get nuts, The Flash.

Favorite moment: Ace Chemicals shows up! Along with this and the reference to Woodrue earlier in the season, I hope some more interesting DC characters are planning to show up in season three. I wanted to put the stinger in this section but the tease they gave us wasn’t as big of a reveal as the show might have hoped it would be.

Unfavorite moment: Nothing egregious this week except for the death of Killer Frost. Just bummed we won’t be seeing more evil Caitlin, especially the two of them bouncing off one another. That was too much fun to only get to see once.

Next Episode: Rupture

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