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Last episode, I was worried about my love of The Flash. If “Versus Zoom” did anything, it reaffirmed how much I love a lot of these characters even though the story around them is weak. This week provided so many good character moments that it took away from how much I don’t care about Zoom.

Yeah, I think I’m over trying to like Zoom/Hunter Zolomon/Jay. Granted, the big FX sequences this week with him and Barry were a blast, but that had way more to do with Grant Gustin’s heroic confidence than Zoom. We get Zolomon’s back story — all so he can say the cliché “we’re not so different” line to Barry— but it feels so rushed and inconsequential. It doesn’t help that Teddy Sears can’t play evil nearly as well as he can charming. I’m invested in his story only to find out who the man in the iron mask is. It has to be the real Jay Garrick, right? Either that or a Barry from another Earth? Barry did travel to Supergirl‘s universe when he first tried out the tachyon device, so The Flash can now start really playing with the multiverse.

Back to that character stuff I mentioned at the beginning. The Wally/Joe stuff this week was the best it has been all season. Wally finally feels like part of the entire Flash family, and I’m hoping he discovers Barry’s identity in one of the next two episodes. Barry’s talk with Cisco was also excellent (well, Barry’s part at least. See “Unfavorite Moment” below), reinforcing what a strong bond these characters have forged. We’re also finally starting to see the eventual pairing of Barry and Iris, and they work so well! In fact, this entire ensemble has found a great rhythm to their interactions, and maybe that’s why Zoom/Jay has never felt completely right. He’s just not on the same wavelength as Team Flash, either as an ally or an enemy.

As bummed as I have become on the big story arc this season, I still really love these characters and they’ll keep me coming back. I’m hoping things get reinvigorated for the story come finale time, but I’m not going to worry about it anymore. I’m here for the members of Team Flash, and as long as they continue to work, I’ll continue to watch.

Favorite moment: Lots to choose from this week. The Flash/Zoom confrontation was filled with thrilling moments (I’m a sucker for a flying punch), but I gotta give it to Harry telling Joe how to use a weapon. It’s these kinds of small moments that endear the characters to me more than any spectacle.

Unfavorite moment: Oof, that Cisco speech about feeling like Anakin Skywalker. I love Cisco’s dorkiness, but this was the most cloying example of it in the show’s history. He even  referenced midi-chlorians. WE DON’T MENTION THOSE.

Next Episode: Back to Normal

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