That shot of the Rebel soldiers running into the AT-AT is what did it. What a hell of a trailer.

I have to run to work but a few quick bullet points of awesomeness:

  • Mon Mothma!
  • Donnie Yen kicking ass!
  • Ben Mendelsohn’s cape! Also, Ben Mendelsohn!
  • Forest Whitaker’s eye is now Star Wars canon!

It looks like Gareth Edwards is bringing the thunder and I couldn’t be happier. I think I might be more hyped for this than I was for The Force Awakens. The grimy aesthetic, the focus on hard action, and the morally gray tone of the whole thing has me excited for riskier Star Wars stories, and this is the opening salvo for those. Here’s hoping the trailer is an indication of how awesome the movie will be.

Rogue One turns me back into a drooling fanboy on December 16. Let’s compare our drool in the comments.