Remember what I said just the other day about the unfortunate buzz on Wolverine? Pictures like this one don’t help. This is Taylor Kitsch as Gambit, a character who was irritating and often superfluous even in the original comics, seen in one scene from Gavin Hood’s Wolverine. Coming Soon has the photo, scanned from the latest issue of Empire, which certainly captures Gambit at his bayou best. Trashy, skeevy, hopefully drunk.

It’s going to take a lot to sell me on the character, in part because I’ve never agreed that he contributes much to the X-Men stories in the first place, and also because I’ve yet to understand how he’s being shoehorned into Wolverine’s story; seems like a poorly-conceived bit of fan service and little more. The only upside is Kitsch, who has been entertaining in what little I’ve seen of Friday Night Lights

Thanks to Brian Henne for the tip.