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It feels like The Flash has been gone for a long time. That’s okay when it comes back with a solid episode like “Trajectory”, but I guess I just didn’t realize how much I missed it. Welcome back!

Even though I said “Trajectory” is a solid episode, it’s got something of a double-edged sword going on when it comes to the “Zoom’s identity” part of the story. It is nice that the team discovers Jay is Zoom by the episode’s end (saving us the tedium of them catching up with the audience over multiple episodes), but their reactions aren’t quite as satisfying as they should be. Jay has been a weak link for most of the season, and though he certainly had his moments, it doesn’t feel like he earned Barry’s ridiculous scream at the end. I’m glad we’re finally at this part of the story though, so I won’t bemoan the point.

Other than that, it was a good week! Our monster of the week was a female speedster with a split personality and she was great. The Flash‘s weekly adversaries work best when they feel like the A-plot they should be, and Trajectory helped push the overall narrative while being intriguing and exciting.

My favorite plotline this week was definitely between Harry and Jesse. While I’m bummed to see Jesse leave so soon, her reasons for wanting to get out from under her father felt completely earned. I’m always enamored with Tom Cavanagh’s performance on this show and I’m hoping he never leaves.

I don’t think “Trajectory” will go down as an episode of the show worth singling out, but it’s a good jolt for the series’ return from break. Season two has lacked some immediacy to its pacing, and now with Zoom’s identity out in the open we can get to the stuff we’ve been waiting for.

Favorite moment: The show finally making a Law & Order joke in front of Jesse L. Martin.

Unfavorite moment: Trajectory’s cornrows.

Next Episode: Flash Back

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