I’d almost forgotten about Tony Gilroy’s upcoming Duplicity, which doesn’t hit until March 20, 2009. That’s not a dismissal; there’s just so much going on over the next couple months that March seems like a distant point on the horizon.

But having watched the first trailer for Duplicity I can’t wait for March, because the clip is full of all sorts of stuff that I love. The chemistry between Closer co-stars Clive Owen and Julia Roberts, the heist/con movie angle, the promise of a snappier pace than what we saw in Michael Clayton. And Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti clawing at each other tooth and nail, even if it is a sort of fantasy sequence. Might become my fantasy, now that I’ve seen it.

Duplicity follows Owen and Roberts as competing corporate spies who develop a relationship and conspire to rip off a pair of rival pharmaceutical companies run by Wilkinson and Giamatti. I’m sure the Oceans Eleven vibe I get from the trailer isn’t only apparent to me because I’m writing this while listening to the Soderbergh/Griffin commentary on the first Oceans flick, and I’m eager to see if that energy is really characteristic of the film.

See the trailer in all sorts of standard and high definitions at Apple.