The online reputation of Wolverine, the spin-off X-men flick directed by Gavin Hood, has been fairly sullied over the last few months. Reports of a passive-aggressive feud between Hood and Fox chief Tom Rothman (mostly on Rothman’s part), persistent but wrong rumors that Hood was off the picture altogether and other undesirable ‘leaks’ have made it seem like a disaster in the making.

The fact that the only footage seen so far has come courtesy of a Comic Con ‘surprise’ showing has fueled pessimism. As will this move: the official trailer will be attached to The Day The Earth Stood Still on December 12, according to Coming Soon. The clip won’t actually show up online for a while after that, meaning you’ll (in theory) have to buy a ticket to Day to see the trailer.

Granted, this implies that Fox has more confidence in the trailer than they do for the Day re-do, but that’s not saying much. I’m all sorts of curious to see how Wolverine looks at this point, but as another piece of Fox product I can’t say i’ve got much confidence in it.