Did you know Clint Eastwood sings? At least that’s what you would technically call it. He actually released an album – Rawhide’s Clint Eastwood Sings Cowboy Favorites, and he even has some songs in the Western musical Paint Your Wagon. In fact, here’s Clint and Lee Fucking Marvin singing a tune together from that one:

Where’s all of this going? Nowhere good. Warner Bros has set up a ‘For Your Consideration’ site for Gran Torino, Clint’s second shot at the Oscars this year, and you can listen to the film’s entire score. Written, of course, by Clint. If you skip to the final track, called simply Gran Torino, you even get to hear Clint doing something like singing on it.

Listening to the lyrics, about ‘my Gran Torino,’ makes me think more and more that this movie must be a straight comedy (there’s also a track called Broken Gnome). The song sounds exactly like something from The Muppet Movie, including the ridiculous croaking singing. Click here, if you dare.

Thanks to Jack Price for pointing this out on one of the most historically slow news days of the year.