Ironically for someone who makes a living writing about movies, I don’t spend a lot of time in ‘real’ movie theaters. So when I am in one (and a big, modern one) I am often amazed by the phenomenon of the video posters – what look to be regular framed posters but are actually some kind of flat screen that displays a moving image. It’s an exciting step forward for posters, and I think it’s probably the only way we’ll see theatrical posters in ten years.

I assume that’s what this latest Terminator: Salvation poster is. It’s a flash movie on the Sony site (they’re handling internation distribution), but it’ll likely be a motion poster at your local theater. And it’s pretty cool and eye catching. I included the final image here, but click to the Sony site to see the whole thing in action (note: I had a bitch of a time making it work in Firefox, but Google Chrome got the job done).

And in other good Terminator: Salvation news: I’ll be able to post a set visit preview for you guys December 11th. I’m pretty psyched to share some of the amazing things I saw in New Mexico. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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