A lot of people were peeved that the last big Batman v Superman: Darglfargl trailer spoiled the appearance of what seems to be Doomsday. Well, this image from an upcoming issue of Empire might clue us in as to why revealing Doomsday wasn’t such a big deal. Assume this is something spoilery for all you folks who don’t want to know anything about who guys in long underwear are going to eventually punch.

Here’s a low-res scan from the issue that shows a symbol that’s pretty familiar to DC fans:


That Omega symbol scorched into the ground is our first confirmation that Darkseid is going to be some kind of presence in the DC Extended Universe (why is it an extended universe? Does it have chubs for itself or something?). Granted, it’s pretty clear this takes place in whatever dream sequence Batman is having in the film (it was confirmed that it is some sort of nightmare that Batman has), but there’s no way you put that in the movie and don’t intend to get people talking about Darkseid.

Seeing as how the villain front of the DCEU (the DC eww) is feeling kind of weekright now, Darkseid is a great thing to promise for future films as long as he doesn’t fall victim to Thanos Syndrome a.k.a. Farting Around So Much To The Point That Your Menace Has Diminished Sickness. Will we see Darkseid in Batman v SuAh, Whatever, or will this just be a tickle of pleasures yet to come? Fingers crossed for that post-credits tease! (that can’t help but look like a copycat of what Marvel’s doing even though DARKSEID CAME FIRST YOU GUYS WHY DON’T REGULAR PEOPLE KNOW THESE THINGS #MarvelSucks #Darkseid2016)

If this gets us one step closer to seeing Glorious Godfrey on film, all of this will have been worth it.

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