A trip on the New York City subway in the 1960s might have included a glimpse at some Lord of the Rings graffiti: “Frodo Lives!” Whether that was a reference to him making it past the end of The Two Towers, to him surviving his travels to the West, or a general cry of love for the trilogy, which got reprinted during the peace and love decade and became something of a touchstone for hippies. Whatever the case, it was a mildly spoilerish bit of graffiti that celebrated a work of fantasy.

How times have changed. NY Magazine has photos of defaced Twilight posters on the New York City subway; along with the usual graffiti (a dick on Edward’s face. Pretty standard shit), there are a bunch of plot spoilers for future books in the series written on the posters. It’s obviously somebody’s attempt to ruin the franchise for others, and depending on your view of Twilight either a blow for freedom or a total dick move. Before you celebrate the balls of the mysterious Spoiler, consider how you would feel if someone did the same to posters for Star Trek or another movie you were psyched about.

Click here to see the fully spoiled posters. Via Cinematical.