At the recent NYC Horror Film Festival I got a chance to check out a movie called Alien Raiders. I hadn’t heard much about the movie, but was pleased when I found out that it was the latest in Warner Brother’s Raw Feed label. Raw Feed’s their direct to dvd horror label, and has made a whole bunch of incredibly entertaining films so far, like Otis and Rest Stop.

This is their latest, directed by first timer Ben Rock, and definitely something to look out for. From the title of the film you might be expecting something incredibly campy- it’s not. It has a lot of humor in it but it’s more of a dark, The Thing-inspired siege film.

Alien Raiders follows Ritter (Carlos Bernard) and his crew as they prepare for an apparent robbery attempt on a supermarket. It’s soon obvious that they’re not there for cash, though- they’re looking for someone… or something. Things soon spiral out of control and they’re stuck with hostages, cops, and one pissed-off alien. While far from perfect it’s a hugely entertaining film, just the kind of movie you’d be happy to pick up if you saw it on the video store shelf (provided you even go out into the real world for movies anymore…)

A press release recently came down confirming that the movie will be hitting dvd on February 17th.

Here are the special features-

- Hidden Terror:  The Making of Alien Raiders – An in depth look at the “hidden among us” themes in the film.
- Blood, Sweat and Fears:  The Special Effects of Alien Raiders – Behind the scenes look at creating the gory effects for the alien creatures in the film.
- Tape #9 Sterling Explains Alien – Handheld camera footage of Sterling detailing the physiology of the alien parasites as well as her first meeting with Ritter.
- Tape #12 Spookie’s Job – Handheld camera footage of Spookie explaining how he obtained his “talent” for spotting aliens.
- Whitney Cam – Postings from Whitney’s blog after the Buck Lake incident.
· Raw Feed Trailers

Keep an eye out for it, although we’ll have more as it gets closer to release.