Some details on upcoming plot threads on NBC’s spy comedy Chuck are coming to light.  An article at has a few tidbits concerning questions regarding the machinations of FULCRUM, a cabal of government agents.  Says executive producer, Chris Fedak, “This season we’re very much getting into the notion of ‘Who are these
bad guys and what are they doing? How does their organization work, and
what is their overall goal?’ A lot of this season will be talk of
FULCRUM and talk of the people that are after Chuck.”
In fact, tonight’s episode, “Chuck vs. the Gravitron,” continues last week’s storyline where *spoiler* Chuck ex / new girlfriend, Jill (Jordana Brewster) was revealed to be a FULCRUM agent. *End spoiler.*  The Gravitron part of the title concerns a spinning carnie ride and, considering the trouble Chuck usually gets himself into, promises to be fun.

Other episodes coming up after the hiatus include, “Chuck vs. the Sensei,” where Casey learns that his mentor has gone renegade and is now a spy-for-hire.  This puts Casey and Chuck at odds – or at least even more at odds – about how they should handle the situation.  Then, “Chuck vs. the DeLorean” promises two things that alone would be worth the price of admission: Morgan buying a DeLorean and renaming it the DeMorgan, and more info on Sarah’s father, who will be played by *minor spoiler* Gary frickin’ Cole. *End spoiler* Other guest stars to come include Dominic Monaghan, Reginald VelJohnson, and Michael Rooker. 

Added Fedak, “This year we are really intent on just bringing in people who you
could really just lock into,” Fedak said. “Because one of the things of
our show is we have so many characters–and we have the spy part of the
show and the Buy More part of the show–that there is so little time.
You have to know who somebody is very quickly. And by bringing in
someone as talented as Dominic Monaghan or John Larroquette, you kind
of know who they are.”

With the already announced guest spot of Tricia Helfer pending, sounds like this season is continuing just fine into ’09.