I love how the mad race for Oscar pushes studios to do things they’d otherwise be (at best) highly reluctant to do. Take Warner Brothers, which now has the entire score for David Fincher’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button streaming online. (Found via /Film.) Also available is the score for The Dark Knight, but that’s less notable, as I expect anyone who really wants to listen has owned a copy for months.

I won’t comment much on the Button score, mostly because I want my exposure to Alexander Desplat’s compositions to be through the film. But once I see it (Sunday, and I can’t wait) I expect I’ll be hitting this bookmark again. The actual two-disc CD set streets on December 16.

Listen to the score for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button here.

One other Benjamin Button note: don’t pay much attention to weird, bad news you hear today. A major LA screening last week was beset with digital projection issues, was canceled and then many other showings were rescheduled to accomodate everyone. All the other LA screenings I know of went off just fine. I first read about the snafu last week (via Anne Thompson, I believe) but the trades picked it up last night as a red flag for the viability of digital projection. Don’t let that reflect on David Fincher’s film, because the connection is entirely incidental.