Market Saw really has the monopoly on Avatar news. Every time you turn around, those dudes have something new from Jim Cameron’s latest megaultrablockbuster movie. This time they have concept art – possibly very early concept art – of the alien Na’vi.

These beings are mostly who you’ll see on screen in the film, which is the story of a paraplegic Marine who is sent to an alien planet rich in biodiversity and resources. New technology allows him to become an ‘avatar’ – a projection that looks like one of the Na’vi – and he eventually crosses sides and goes native.

Avatar is big, huge, giant, humongous and many other words for ‘quite large.’ And part of that hugeness will be these Na’vi, which will supposedly look totally photoreal. And now we have something of an idea of what form that will take.

Click over to Market Saw to see more images, and to read the dudes’ near-hyperventilation about the design of the aliens, which I find to be sort of okay (they look like something from the Marvel comic Guardians of the Galaxy to me), but which has apparently changed his very life.